Where to Get Good Airport Taxi Services in Vienna

Vienna panorama

Vienna International Airport is situated at approximatively 12 miles, or 19 kilometers, east from the core of the Austrian capital. The means of transportation you can opt for to get there are varied, which means that you, as a foreign traveler, can enjoy the luxury of choosing the best transfer solution. Consider the following options.

Door to door – professional airport taxi Vienna

It goes without saying that opting for a cab is the most convenient way in which you can get to your accommodation in no time. That’s why we called it door to door transportation. You are greeted at the airport right after you arrive, and you’ll be taken to the door of your accommodation. Straightforward and convenient, and highly recommended if you are traveling with a larger group of people. In that scenario, you can benefit from private transportation, and split the costs.

Booking your taxi in advance will get you a discount as well. So, you might consider this option if you’re traveling to Vienna in the foreseeable future.

The bargain alternative – S7

The train runs on a regular basis from the airport to the city center. In exchange for a 4 euros fee, you can hop on the S7 – Schnellbahn, right from the airport, and get to the heart of the city in about 30 minutes.

As soon as you’ve collected your luggage if you wish to get the S7, simply follow the sign – a large S inside a circle, and you’ll be taken to the tracks right away. Tickets can be easily bought at the automated machines, and you can pay either with cash or credit card. The device will ask you whether you want to validate the ticket or not. Make sure you do that unless you want to end up paying a large fine. Trains run regularly from 4:00 to midnight.  


Quick arrival – City airport train

The city airport train, aka the CAT, provides travelers with direct transportation from the airport to the city center, minus the stops the S7 makes. After picking your luggage, look for the CAT signs, which are green-colored, and you’ll find your way in a matter of seconds. The CAT follows the same tracks as the S7, but it doesn’t make any stops, which is why it’s considerably faster.

The CAT is available between 6:00 and 23:30, and the ride lasts no less than 16 minutes. A one-way ticket costs more than the S7 ticket, namely 11 euros, while a round trip ticket costs 17 euros. You may choose to purchase your tickets in advance online, or at the CAT terminal. Children under 15 can benefit from free transportation.

Car rental – suitable for exploring the surroundings

Vienna is a crowded city. Hence, we don’t recommend renting a car, unless you aim at exploring the surroundings, the villages filled with character and personality you can find in the proximity of the capital. There is an array of private car rental services right at the airport.