What to consider when you hire a Hanoi real estate agency

When hiring a Hanoi Real Estate Agent there are five important questions you should ask. You should interview them as you would interview somebody for a job. It is always a good idea to consider 2 or 3 Hanoi Realtors before deciding with whom to list your home or property in Hanoi.

1. How many Hanoi houses do they sell versus how many Hanoi houses they list? You don’t want an Hanoi real estate agent who just puts a lot of Hanoi properties on the market, you want one who sells most of Hanoi properties they list. If their percentage of sold houses in Hanoi is low you may want to look elsewhere to list your house.

2. How often do they communicate with their sellers? Your Hanoi real estate agent should communicate with you at least once a week. You don’t want someone who is going to put a sign in your yard and then disappear until another realtor has sold your home. You want someone who is accessible and you will keep you informed.

3. How long have they been a Hanoi realtor and are they a full or part time? Not all Hanoi real estate agents are full time Hanoi realtors. You want a full time Hanoi realtor. Someone who gets all his or her income from selling houses in Hanoi. You also want someone who is part of a Hanoi realtor association that requires on going education and has some accountability for their ethics. You also want someone with experience that will know where and how to market your home in Hanoi.

4. Do they have a resume with references? It is very important to find out what other buyers and sellers thought about the Hanoi realtor’s service level. Find out if they felt they were a priority to the Hanoi realtor. Make sure they were kept in contact with during the time the home was listed and sold. You also want to know what professional certifications they have earned.

5. What would their Marketing strategy be for your home in Hanoi and are they willing to put it in writing? You will want to know how often they plan to do open houses. If they furnish color photo facts sheets about your home in Hanoi to potential buyers? Will they be listing your Hanoi home in any Hanoi real estate magazines or Hanoi real estate classified ads? Will they be putting signs at intersections near you home or just in your front yard?

With all the advancements in technology buying and selling a home in Hanoi is still relatively low-tech. Sure you can do research on the Internet. You can find out who is listing or selling the most properties in Hanoi area. When it come right down to it the face to face interaction between your realtor and potential buyers is what ultimately sells your home.

Make sure that you consider the realtor’s personality. If they rub you the wrong way chances are they will do the same to buyers. Choose someone with whom you feel comfortable.