Visiting Puerto Rico in the Summer

Would you like to spend your summer vacation in a tropical Caribbean paradise, without fighting crowds? And how about some great rates on lodging? But wait…you don’t have a passport. No problem! Head to the sunny shores of Puerto Rico!
In the continental U.S., tourists flock to vacation destinations in the summer, creating long lines at amusement parks and restaurants. The beaches are covered with people, and hotel rates are at their highest. Heck, you might not even be able to find a room without booking months in advance!

Puerto Rico is different. Peak season there is during the winter, not the summer. So you can enjoy all the island has to offer at reduced rates, and you’ll find ample room on any of the gorgeous beaches for plenty of your own personal space. In fact, chances are good that you’ll find a secluded beach all to yourself. To get the best deals and the most choices, however, it’s still a good idea to book in advance.
The summer weather on the island is glorious: temperatures in the 80s, with balmy tropical breezes. It’s true that hurricane season begins with summer, but just keep up with the weather; you’ll know pretty far in advance if a storm is brewing. If you purchase travel insurance, you can always cancel your trip and re-schedule.

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Summer is a great time to enjoy the multitude of water activities. The water is at its warmest, so it’s the perfect season for swimming, snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, surfing, parasailing, or rounding up a few pals to share a banana boat ride.
The verdant hillsides and rain forest will be in their summer splendour, with lush vegetation, bright flowers, giant ferns, and towering trees, all at their peak. A drive into the island’s interior will reward visitors with stunning vistas.
The varied Puerto Rican cultures celebrate the season with a wide variety of colorful festivals, and they’re always eager for visitors to participate. In June, the annual Jazz Fest welcomes reknowned musicians from all over the world, filling the air with the silky sounds. June also sees the Artisan Fair, where hundreds of local artists and craftsmen display their works in Old San Juan, and the beautiful Aibonito Flower Festival, held in the central mountains.
In July, people hit the beaches of Manati for the Internation Playero Las Tuobs to experience artists from all over Latin America. Get in on some of the great food at the Mojo Festival, and learn to salsa with the professional dancers at the Salsa Festival. One of the island’s most famous celebrations is found in July in Loiza, the Santiago Apostol Festivities. The festival celebrates the customs and heritage of the descendents of African slaves, and it’s full of ceremonies, bomba dancing, and vibrant handmade costumes and masks.
In August, you’ll find more great food in Aguas Buenas, during the annual Buruquena Festival, when residents of the small town treat the public to a feast of succulent fresh crabs. The fishing is fine in August, and two exciting tournaments are hosted: The Interclub Caribe Tournament in Cangrejos, and the famous Internation Billfish Tournament in San Juan.
You’ll find unbelievable deals on lodging and packages in the summer, too. Some rates are only half of what they would be in the winter, when crowds from across the globe seek the warmth and sunshine of the Caribbean.
Try Puerto Rico this summer, and enjoy the carefree, laid-back atmosphere of the island. Soak up the sun, the fun, and the sights, and join the natives in their spirited summertime celebrations!