Villa Montana Beach Resort

On a recent trip to Isabela, Puerto Rico, we were lucky enough to enjoy the beautiful Villa Montana Beach Resort. Both me and my husband had a fabulous time at this resort. It was romantic, relaxing, quite, and full of action too!

Our room was lovely and we had our own private patio. We spent every morning and evening enjoying the beautiful views from our patio. The patio was so enjoyable and relaxing. We don’t have a patio at home in our condo so this was an unexpected, and wonderful, amenity.

Right after we arrived in our room at the Resort, we scheduled massages so that we could both unwind from the trip. I highly recommend having a massage when you first arrive at your destination. It really helps to kickstart your mind and body into vacation mode.

Villa Montana Beach Resort

My husband scheduled a scuba diving session while I wandered around marveling at the exotic plants and flowers. I love flowers and taking pictures of flowers. My husband does not share my love of botany so this arrangement worked out well for both of us.

On our second evening there, we enjoyed the most incredible private, beach picnic with our own fire and everything! The Villa Montana Beach Resort has a long, private beach and the provided us with an incredible beach picnic experience. We had lush pillows and delicious food to share on our picnic. That was so romantic – I think maybe the most romantic thing we have done in quite some time.

There was one other very romantic activity that we enjoyed at this resort – horseback riding on the beach! What woman has not ever dreamed of doing that? Well, now I can cross that off of my bucket list. It was fabulous!

On our last day at the Villa Montana Beach Resort we watched a wedding from afar. Wow! What a great place to get married! It was stunning!

If we return to Puerto Rico again, I want to stay at this resort again. I can’t recommend this enough – it was fantastic!