Vacations in Florida: Historical journey

Most of the backpackers are always inclined towards the teeming beaches as well as bank-balance-shrinking theme parks while planning for some great vacations in Florida. However, there is a hidden opportunity of drawing a different tourist route on your Florida canvas, which will be a total off beaten outline that will encompass the 5000 years of the Florida history. I am unveiling this to all those who are history lovers who would admire the cultural highlights of this Sunshine State. Do not be surprised if I tell you that there are many historical sites stretching from north to south Florida along which your journey will make you experience one of the most unusual as well as memorable vacations in Florida. So, why not try out this time something different and explore the past glory of Florida?

Key West is actually known for its beaches and water sports, but not many know that this bridge-linked, sun-lit island has been the winter home of some famous U.S presidents such as Harry Truman and Franklin Roosevelt. Currently, there are two worth-watching museums here of which one was the home of the popular author Hemingway who became firm in living here after a vacation in Florida. The moment you reach the museum, you will come across the inheritors of his polydactyl cat, which still have kept the history alive. Another one is the Southernmost House Grand Hotel and Museum where the U.S. presidents used to stay during the winters.

Florida coast

You might not believe, but Palm Beach is also a historical hub. In this city of contrasts, it was the famous Henry Flagler who in 1880s initiated route connections by buying railroads, forming more coastal tracks, and commissioning linked roads. All these transport-related feats are preserved in The Henry Flagler Museum nestled in his big winter home that is now famous as the Whitehall. My next halt was at the Delray Beach in the outskirts where the famous highlight called the Morikami Museum as well as the Japanese Gardens is the true historical gem. In this museum, you will know about the ancient as well as modern Japanese art and culture, tasting events, festival celebrations, and tea ceremonies.

Do you remember Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, the famous early industrialists? They were more inclined towards Fort Myers where they used to spend their winter holidays. So, it is obvious that you will come across their legendary homes here – Edison’s home no called the ‘Seminole Lodge’ and the Henry Ford’s dwelling called ‘The Mangoes’. The former one exhibits one of the initial contemporary swimming pools as well as a laboratory making it an ideal model reflecting Florida’s history at its best. The Mangoes is just nearby, which was recently remodeled. It today is the home of the packed garage full of ancient Ford automobiles. Both of the dwellings are good places to relax because of their river side locations as well as lush gardens.

To explore 5000 years of Florida history, head off to Sarasota where the past culture was strongly influenced by the Spanish as well as the Native Americans. Be at its Historic Spanish Point that preserves old Indian mounds and legendary buildings. It is also where you can be a part of many archaeological trips or can attend several historical shows. And yes, there is a beautiful butterfly garden too. Next, turn towards the Ringling Museum of the American Circus as well as John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. The latter one is dedicated to the ancient as well as modern European, Asian, and American artworks; whereas the former is the home of the grand collection of props, costumes, posters, and handbills of early circus along with the small circus.

If you are a fan of naval aviation, this is town is must a visit. Its interesting National Museum of Naval Aviation is the home of more than 1o0 restored aircrafts as well as a simulator for you to get a hands-on experience. If you want to know more, the Memorial Theatre here is the best place to be. And yes, do not forget a trip to the Fort Pickens where you can spot the popular Apache warrior, Geronimo.

So, vacations in Florida can be unusual too!