Top Three Weird Traditions in Barcelona

As a tourist is very important to learn the culture of the cities you’re travelling to. Like every other city in this world, Barcelona has some traditions which are practiced by locals during different parts of the year. Some of them are simpler (think about the folkloric dance and regular festivals) but others are completely weird. Here are the most common quirky traditions in Barcelona.


If it’s your first trip to Barcelona, don’t be surprised if you see people climbing on top to each other on the city streets. Making human castles is a well-known tradition in Barcelona, being actually called “Castellars” by residents. Several groups of people practice this sport during popular festivals and holidays but also in weekends. The fact that a child crawls to the top of the castle might scare you a little, but remember that it’s a significant part of this twisted tradition!


Who would have thought that the Caganer, roughly translated into English as “the pooper” can be one of the most famous Spanish Christmas tradition? As its translated name says, the Caganer is actually a small figurine represented by a guy with his pants down, pooping!

If you think that’s weird, here comes the strangest part. This figurine is placed in the Christmas Nativity set, usually right next to the Jesus manger.


Barcelona locals are completely in love in Galet, a noodle put in a soup that is usually eaten during Christmas holiday time. This habit was the beginning of a very important tradition for the Barcelona locals, respectively the placing of the giant Christmas noodle statues in popular parts of the city as a Jesus birth celebration.

Now you know what to expect from a trip to Barcelona. If you see human castles on the street or weird noodle statues right next to a Christmas Tree, remember that this city has its own traditions and the locals are proud of the way Barcelona celebrates important events.

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