The Southern Dodecanese Islands – Tilos

Beautiful Tilos has only been welcoming tourists since the early 1980’s and is home to hundreds, if not thousands, of goats, and about 400 people. (That population also shrinks down to less than a hundred in the winter.) Though Tilos is a barren unfertile landscape at the top of its limestone peaks, the lowlands areas are packed with rich and fertile lava soil which, when combined with the constant groundwater means that the Tiliots are able to successfully farm, something a lot of their island neighbours cannot do. In fact, pre 1970 the island of Tilos served effectively as a granary for the rest of the Dodeccanese Islands.

The capital of the island is Megalo Horio and sits just a little way inland, with a large Knight’s Castle at the top which incorporates a stone from the ancient acropolis and an impressive classical gateway. From there you can see stunning views out over the plains below, packed with orchards and down to the intriguing red sand beach at Eristos.


If you head over to the harbour and main resort at Livadia you’ll find a beautiful shingle beach, plenty of impressive accommodation and a number of delightful restaurants. You can get around either on foot, or if you want to feel like one of the locals, on a hire scooter. From the harbour you can also take boat trips out to explore the gorgeous local coves at Tholos, Stavros and Lethra.

In addition, you can take a trip from Livadia to the nearby ghost village of Mikro Horio which was abandoned in the 1950’s. Once there you can tour around another impressive castle and there is also a fun late night bar that is worth a visit.

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