The Marriott San Juan Resort

I recently visited San Juan on vacation and had the pleasure of staying at the Marriott San Juan Resort. Wow! That resort was a great choice.

I love the ocean and whenever I get the chance, I try to take vacations near the ocean. A definite must for me is to have an ocean view room at any resort or hotel that I am staying at. Sitting on the balcony of my room, I often stare at the ocean all evening. So, having an ocean view room with a view is something that I always try to find.

The Marriott San Juan ResortThe ocean is  so calming for me. Even when if the temperature is on the chilly side, there is a type of hypnotizing effect for me when I watch the waves hit the shore. I don’t know what it is, but the ocean calls to me constantly. Maybe I should actually move to a seaside community.

In any event, on my last vacation I was lucky enough to get to the beautiful town of San Juan. As I said earlier, I stayed at the Marriott San Juan Resort and had a wonderful and relaxing vacation. I had a spectacular room with an ocean view, and a balcony, to while away the hours when I was not actually on the beach, or in the fabulous pool.

I took a small excursion to the casino too! While I am not a big gambler, it was exciting to play slots for awhile and dream of winning big. On my first day there, I scheduled a massage with the staff. That massage went a long way towards helping me to relax immediately.

I am going to put the Marriott San Juan Resort on my list of places to stay. If I head back to San Juan again, I will definitely check on availability there before I look for somewhere new to stay.