The Definitive Guide to Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport is acknowledged as one of the busiest airports in the world, a key hot spot for flights from and to the Middle East. We provide you with the definitive guide to Dubai, which comprises of accurate, comprehensive information concerning transportation to and from the city, terminal facilities, and so on.


You can inquire information at the airport information desks, which are scattered around the airport, within the terminals. In the Terminal 1, arrivals, the DTCM Tourist Kiosk, aka Department of Tourism and Commerce offers tourists with a broad range of comprehensive information, tours, and maps. Concurrently, in Terminal 3 there is another tourist information stand.

Transfer alternatives between terminals

The transfers between terminals last approximatively 15 to 20 minutes, using the airport shuttle service. Simultaneously, visitors can select the Metro for traveling from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 and vice versa.

Terminal 1 serves for the vast majority of non-Emirates international flights, being linked to its departure area through travellators. Furthermore, Terminal 2 is mostly used for low-cost carriers, charter flights, while having a range of routes to the Gulf region. Finally, Terminal 3 is used exclusively for Qantas and Emirates flights.

Airport transfer options

  • Metro

There is a metro link between the center of the city and the international airport. Do note that, on Friday mornings the metro isn’t available. The journey to the city center lasts for up to 20 minutes, but the length depends on your destination. The stations are located at Terminal 3 and Terminal 1.

  • Bus

The bus service is available from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. More precisely, buses 15, 11 C1, 44 and 33 depart from Terminal 1, whereas from Terminal 2, bus 2 is available. You cannot use change on public buses. However, travelers are required to purchase an electronic Nol card from the vending machines, located at the metro station outside the terminal. Furthermore, the airport buses ensure air-conditioned transport to the city center, and nearly 80 hotels.

Of course, if you wish to reach the city center or your accommodation promptly and comfortably, opting for a taxi transfer is recommended. Whether you’re traveling solo or with an extended group, you can choose from the variety of vehicles – low-cost sedan cars, buses, minivans, minibusses, and luxury executive sedans. No need to wait in line or waste any time at the airport. You’ll be greeted by your driver right after your arrival.

Terminal facilities

  • Luggage – there is a luggage service available at in all terminals, where you can choose to leave your luggage for a limited amount of time, or have it delivered to your address.
  • Money – ATMs, banking services and the bureau of change can be found at the airport.
  • Communication – all airport passengers benefit from free Wi-Fi access (free for the first 60 minutes).
  • Food – there is a wide variety of cafés, restaurants, and bars, from which you can choose. There is a full range of dining options which include seafood, fast food, even a high-end champagne bar.