Ten Must-See Attractions in Dubai

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Dubai is one of those cities that can be only seen to be believed. From Palm Jumeirah to Burj Khalifa, Dubai offers something for everyone. Here Welcome Pickups will present some of the most notable sights in Dubai, which should be on your bucket list when visiting Dubai.

#1 Burj Khalifa

The tallest tower in the world is a story for itself. Standing at 828 meters, it is hard to miss it. The only thing that’s more impressive than its height is its majestic interior.

Burj Khalifa

#2 Dubai Creek

The Creek is the real heart of the city. This is where it all began, as this is the place where the Bani Yas Tribe settles. At that time, Dubai’s economy was driven by fishing and pearl diving. Nowadays, that’s the home to the Dubai Museum and the alleyways of the textile, spice, and gold souks.

Dubai Creek

#3 Palm Jumeirah

This is one of the biggest artificial islands in the entire world and a marvel of human ingenuity. As the locals often like to say “only in Dubai”. The island is in the shape of a palm tree and is home to numerous luxury hotels.

  Palm Jumeirah Island

#4 The Dubai Fountain

There is nothing small when it comes to Dubai. The Dubai Fountain is located at the doorstep of the Dubai Mall and right across the Burj Khalifa. The dancing water can go as high as 150 meters upwards.

Dubai Fountain

#5 The Dubai Mall

Burj Khalifa’s first neighbor is the Dubai Mall. This is no ordinary shopping mall as it has over 1,200 shops, more than 150 restaurants, indoor waterfall, an ice rink, an indoor theme park, and a lot more. Even an entire day spent there is far from enough to see everything the Dubai Mall has to offer.

Dubai Mall

#6 Dubai Marina

Dubai’s Marina is the biggest human-made Marina in the world. It’s another human-made marvel that needs to be seen to be believed.

Dubai Marina

#7 The Dubai Water Canal

This 3.2 km long canal stretches from the Arabian Gulf to the Creek in old Dubai. It has its waterfall that can be seen from Dubai’s Business Bay or hotels like the St. Regis and W Hotel.

Dubai Water Canal

#8 IMG Worlds of Adventure

This is a huge theme park that is as big as 28 football pitches. There are themed rides for both children and adults. The life-size dinosaurs are very vivid and one of the remarkable things in the park. In addition to all the entertainment, there are plenty of shops and restaurants.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

#9 Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera is located in the heart of the city and has a program matched only by the world’s most magnificent opera houses like Broadway or London’s West End.

Dubai Opera

#10 Al Fahidi

This is Dubai’s oldest neighborhood and a place where you can learn more about the local culture. It offers a glimpse into the past and in the very spirit of the city.

Al Fahidi

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