The Differences Between Regular And All Inclusive Caribbean Resorts

It is in Ocho Rios, a city in Jamaica, where the first all inclusive Caribbean resort was made available to the public for enjoyment. Since then, these kinds of Caribbean-style resorts have begun sprouting across the whole region. Almost all the beaches in the area have one except those that are privately owned or uninhabited.

This is not to say that travelers do not prefer this. Thy do and they would not have it any other way. If you are looking for all inclusive Caribbean resorts check out this first Not only are Caribbean resorts renowned in the world as  vacation spots where everything that you need is on hand, they have also become known for making the guests ingest flavour of the native islands. Continue reading “The Differences Between Regular And All Inclusive Caribbean Resorts” »

Bucuti Beach Resort

Bucuti Beach Resort

In 1970s, an Austrian lover of hospitality has fallen in love with Aruba and has decide to stay in the island to launch a night club and a restaurant. Ewald Beimans is considered the pioneer of Aruban accommodation and hospitality promoting sustainable tourism through the Bucuti Beach Resort. This opened in 1987 and from then on it takes pride of acquiring 90 percent and above in terms of occupancy because of Ewald’s hands-on approach. Later in 1999, he was dubbed the Aruba General manager of the year and was later awarded as the Caribbean Hotel Association Hotelier of the Year. Continue reading “Bucuti Beach Resort” »