Radisson Aruba Resort – Or Is It Paradise?

We just returned from a one-week stay in paradise. This paradise had a name: the Radisson Aruba Resort.

I cannot sing its praises enough.

I loved every minute of it. The Radisson runs a little higher price-wise than say the Hyatt or Marriott, but I consider it worth every penny.

Let’s start with the hotel itself. We got a gorgeous garden view room. It’s a very tropical setting with bright Caribbean colors everywhere and exotic teak furniture. We had an outdoor patio that was to die for, and spent most of our time out there when we weren’t sightseeing, just lounging and enjoying the view. We even took our meals out there in the mornings (our package included breakfast).

We had all the amenities: flat screen cable TV, mini-fridge, coffeemakers and such. There were also six restaurants from which to choose.
I spent a lot of time enjoying their 13,000 square foot spa. I got myself a massage twice, and loved the sauna – and the pampering. I’ve gotta tell you, I don’t know how I’m ever going to readjust to real life!

But let me tell you about Aruba itself because there is so much to see there. We left the Radisson Aruba Resort and took a driving bus tour around the island, which is very small in itself. It has almost a desert quality to it, but with beautiful white sand beaches.

We discovered an area that is very unique – a formation of large rocks all sitting one on top of the other. They look like giant elephants! It makes you wonder what caused such a phenomenon. I’m from Missouri and we actually have similar site that is called Elephant Rock State Park. I was of the understanding it was the only such formation in the world. So I learned something.

There is also a lighthouse – you can go up in it if you like. We went to an area that had a natural pool where the tide hits the rocks sitting on the shore and causes great geysers of water to come shooting up through the rocks. I would suggest you Google it because words cannot do it justice. It is a natural phenomenon. There’s that word again. I think it best sums up the impressions I had of Aruba while staying at the Radisson Aruba Resort.