Parador Palmas de Lucia Resort – A Caribbean Paradise

Ah … Puerto Rico. What a lovely island paradise. My husband and I loved it the last time we visited there. We were on a cruise and departed out of the Port of San Juan. We went a day early to enjoy the sights before getting on the ship, and I fell in love with Puerto Rico. Old San Juan is so quaint with its old stone buildings, narrow streets, and bright colors. We enjoyed it so much we decided next time we would make it our destination.

The Internet walked us through the web of choices as for as lodging and led us straight to the Parador Palmas de Lucia resort located in Yabucoa, PR. The beaches there look like they came right off of a picture postcard. I’m dying to see them in person – strips of white sand dotted with tall palm trees.

Besides the stunning beaches, the Parador Palmas de Lucia Resort is close to many attractions worth seeing. One of the most popular places to visit is the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge. This lush forest is only a 20-mile drive from the resort and is worth every one of those 20 miles. There you will find several ecologically distinct habitats, such as coastal lagoons, mangrove wetlands, beaches and mountainous forested areas. It offers the opportunity to see animals and birds you have never seen before.

Parador Palmas de Lucia ResortThen there is a marine environment that surrounds the refuge just teeming with coral reefs and sea grass beds. This refuge and its surrounding waters are the habitat of a number of endangered species, including the Caribbean West Indian manatee, and the Brown Pelican, as well as several species of sea turtles. There are also archeological discoveries and historic sites connected with the sugar cane plantation era.

The Parador Palmas de Lucia Resort is located just a short distance from the beach. That’s where you’ll find me most days – in case you are looking. There are several swimming pools as well and a fitness center. I don’t think we’ll have to worry about finding enough to keep us busy, that’s for sure!

If you want to see pictures of the resort itself and the guest rooms and property, I would recommend you Google it because I doubt mere words can do it justice. I can’t wait for our next Caribbean vacation! I think I’ll start packing now!