Fun and Adventure in Aruba

This place is located in the island of Aruba. His is one of the places where the natural wonders of the world are. The pool is quite a big world wide attraction and the pool is also famous for the tourist site of Aruba. This place is located in the Arikok national park which is located in Oranjestad.

This place is also called Cura de Tortugas. Or Conchi. This is more over a natural lake which is located right in the front of the shores on the beach. This place is a fact which is naturally protected by sea water. There are huge volcanic rocks which jut out from the water. The pools form the rest of the sea. And the water here in the pool is quite salty, and crystal clear.

The lake is located close to the Quadiriki caves which are a tourist attraction found in Aruba. Aruba homes.This place is situated in the north eastern coast of the island. And the pool that is located here is located on a rugged terrain which is almost inaccessible any cars or other vehicles.

When you find four wheel drive terrain jeeps, and horses that you can use to reach the area. This is whether the rest of the journey starts to reach the pool. The needs for these are made on foot. And the entire landscape shows off huge rocks and corals that sprout out from the sea.

The terrain in which the pool is located is quite treacherous. And the trek is quite long. Aruba homes.They need an access point to reach the pool and this may at first disappoint the visitors, but the pool that is formed quite naturally. These may not look that pretty and it may also not look like any normal pool elsewhere.

When you look at careful exploration, you can actually make out the significance. The pool however is quite picture perfect and calm. The contrast is quite sharp and the waves are quite thunderous. Aruba homes. The waves even reach outside of its boundaries. The water in the pools makes this place a pleasure for swimming and snorkeling. The pool does not have any real shape and this resembles a circle. It is estimated that this thing is about seven meters in length and about six meters wide. The deepest point is about five meters. If you are one of those people who feel apprehensive to move to the middle of the lake where you could hang the deepest right near the edges and measure this at a total of a meter and a half for depth.

Come to the beautiful land of Aruba and have an awesome adventure.