Fajardo Puerto Rico – Kayaking in the bay

About Fjardo:

Fajardo Puerto Rico is a small city located in the east region of the island bordering Atlantic Ocean, north of Ceiba and east of Luquillo. Fajardo is spread over 7 wards and Downtown Fajardo, the latter serving as the administrative center of the city.

Fajardo is a major recreational boating centre in Puerto Rico and also a popular launching port catering to Culebra, Vieques and the American and British Virgin Islands. The largest Marina in the Caribbean, Puerto del Rey, is also found here.

Off shore, few islets like, Icacos, Palominos, Palominito, Diablo and other uninhabited coral islands can be found nears Fajardo Puerto Rico.

Kayaking in Fajardo:

If one wants to prepare a list of the ten most unique spots of kayaking on planet Earth, he can not overlook what he finds himself surrounded by out on the water of the eastern end of Puerto Rico. The coastal community of Fajardo can be overlooked by nature lovers making a visit to Puerto Rico but for the kayakers, it’s a must visit place. At Fajardo, one can paddle into the adjacent lagoons from mangrove canals as the evening approaches closer and discover himself in a small world of microscopic plankton creating Bioluminescent Bays.

In fact, there are a very few of such locations that can be reached by guided kayak tours and Fajardo Puerto Rico is the only such spot in Puerto Rico. The tiny creatures that make it up are scientifically known as Pyrodinium Bahamense. There are quite a few kayaking outfitters that offer guided tours in the area and it is advisable to choose the one that includes trained biologists who lead excursions and also carry out a eco-sensitive exploration of the bioluminiscent waters.

Most of the kayaking tours here use double top-seated ocean kayaks and the journey generally lasts about two hours, taking the tourists through the mangrove channels into one of the bioluminescent arenas. Here, as the kayakers enter into the dense dinoflagellate plankton, a slight stroke of a paddle triggers a glowing blue neon greeting underneath and within seconds, one can spot fishes darting around under the nighttime bay. The bioluminescent phenomenon occurs most in these lagoon areas and also persists along the connecting channels with even a slight touch of hand into the water. A word of precaution for the kayakers who visit here. It is always advised to choose a non-motorized kayak operator for a motorized one can hurt the micro-organism marine life. Moreover, one should also use non-lethal insect repellent for comfort while making a close journey past the mangrove forests as that would leave his new blue friends unhurt.