Eco Parks of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is famous for its beautiful damsels, well beauty pageants you will see contestants from Puerto Rico either winning the title or at the least coming runner-ups. Well Puerto Rico is more than beautiful ladies for Puerto Rico are beautiful destination. Puerto Rico is on list of destinations that you must visit for enjoying wildlife and forests. Puerto Rico has two very popular Eco parks. Just a slender of mountain between the two eco parks and a highway, travel at a distance from one eco park to other and you will see all together new world that you have never seen before.

El Yunque:

More famous amongst the two eco parks, the place is lush, verdant rainforest, damp and steamy habitat. Here are orchids which flourish due to humidity. It’s an ancient home to good spirit which is belief of the Taino Indians; they were believed to be living in midst of mountain peaks surrounded by mist. El Yunque is derived its name from this though Spaniards added to its name yet it remains to be source of its name. There are mossy trees dressed in red bromeliad blooms, sightings of vibrant parrots, and hear the croaking of coqui frogs.


Short drive towards west along the Ponce-to- San Juan inter state. It’s drastic opposite to El Yunque. This is inhospitable and desiccated desert forest, fiery with arid atmosphere and its end there is crashing waves of the Caribbean Sea. Seen here are alien rocks formations and caves of limestone. You can see here rare cacti and even flowering cacti and many other strange plants. Also there are hissing reptiles. In Eco Park you will see big sea birds flying on cliff’s edges. Its deemed to be a protected biosphere in 1990 by United Nations.

Both the parks are way different then each other and here in lied there magnetic beauty, which has brought both fame and name of being in list of best. Interesting fact is this two diverse eco parks have been born because of each other. Luquillo mountains which is in between, the eco parks is like a barrier. Atlantic winds bring moisture and thus rains to El Yunque. Thus it transformed into beautiful, damp, lust forests. And parched Guanica Eco Park which is on CaribEl centenariobean side, had no drizzle of rains or no moisture and with passing of time it transformed itself into unique yet beautiful dry forest.

El centenario is a tree that is hundred year old and it is located in Guanica. There are paths and trails leading to sandy beaches at coastline. Eco Parks have bizarre creatures, in caves live a lot of bats, blind cave shrimp and then there is this bizarre purple land crab. You may get glimpse of Puerto Rico’s famous the bufo lemur, nick named as crested toad. Catch a game between a lot of mongoose and that of garden snakes. Green leatherback turtles have known to lay eggs here. There are thousand types of cacti and strange plants and flying around them are diverse species of songbirds. There are also warblers, which includes:

Puerto Rican woodpeckers
Puerto Rican lizard cuckoo
Puerto Rican emerald hummingbird
Puerto Rican nightjar (highly endangered)
Dark-colored chirpers

Puerto Rico’s two eco parks are treasure chest of this place.