Disneyland Rides – Attractions

Situated in Anaheim at California, Disneyland refers to a theme park since 1955 built under the regulation of Walt Disney. After the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World, the Disneyland ranks second among the most visited parks on the planet – all thanks to the Disneyland rides attractions. These Disneyland rides attractions are split as per the realms built in such a way that if you enter in one of them, you cannot hear or view any other realm. They all are linked via theatrical stages holding passages to travel from one realm to another.

If, this time, you are planning to visit the Disneyland, you would definitely like to know about the major Disneyland rides attractions. So, here, Beachtraveller will introduce the major and popular rides on this amazing land!

The realms are Main Street, U.S.A featuring the 20th century Midwest town where Walt Disney spent his childhood, Adventureland with jungle themes, Frontierland showing the western frontier, Fantasyland full of fantasies, Tomorrowland peeping into the future, New Orleans Square depicting the 19th century New Orleans, and Mickey’s Toontown.

Popular Rides

Exploring the New Orleans Square first, the Pirates of the Caribbean is a thrilling ride with some fearful scenes and small splashes and no height restrictions. With great tales and ideal presentations, this milestone success of storytelling has attracted and amused millions of people with the marine tales since 1967. Then, I moved to the Haunted Mansion – a more thrilling tour than the pirates. Its name indicates that it is haunted, but it is really not that scary. It is dark, screamy, and ghostly; but is somewhat silly and confusing. Nevertheless, the attraction is a typical Disney type loved by both keen and laid-back buffs. Both these rides do not need any fastpass.

Moving to the Advenureland, try out the E-ticket thrill of Indiana Jones Adventure only if your height is 46 inches and that you also have a fastpass. Experience the scenes of the famous movie series via the advanced motion vehicles, high-tech sets, and astonishing special effects. The vehicles are really quick in their movements with unlimited jostling, quick starts, and sudden halts despite the facts that no inversion coaster falls are offered. Much of the vistas are in dark where you will be amidst many varieties of dark ride fearful aspects like snakes and poisonous darts.

Then, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is where you come across many diving falls, feelings of lightness, and mental ecstasy. Located in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot, the ride has a height requirement of 40 inches and a fastpass. It is a typical Disney attraction that ha an amazing fusion of striking effects and a moved, but smart action – all derived from the famous television series – The Twilight Zone. In the same area, one more charming attraction is the Turtle Talk with Crush with no gotchas at all. Herein, the surfer fellow comes in to meet you as you stand among the audience members by real-time simulation. This is really an amazing Imagineering idea where you laugh and scratch your own head due to confusion. Small children also find it stunning where they can happily speak with the amusing reptile.

Then, comes the Soarin’ Over California in the Golden State zone that too requires a height of 46 inches and fastpass. This is quick, classic, and a mesmerizing E-ticket ride featuring soft motion mock-up and soaring imitation. Incorporating the technology to excite you up to its maximum, here you come across the Golden State’s famous places of interest. It is beautiful but dizzy ride to captivate your senses.

Moving to the Paradise Pier, the Toy Story Mania where people of all heights are welcomed! Explore the ultra-flashy video game technology via the ride vehicles taking you thought the game screens – moving quite fast and do also moderately spin. Experience the magic of 3-D graphics with 3-D glasses and the attractive characters of the Toy Story movies. Even if you are not an expert in games, do take the pleasure of being a rider and spotting some dark scenes in between games.


Now, in the Tomorrowland, do explore the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage open for all ages and heights. It is an E-ticket attraction with many dark scenes and noise, which sometimes might frighten the small ones. It is simply perfect for kids and parents where they need to spot Nemo – the famous fish of the cartoon movie ‘Finding Nemo’ amidst the skillful storyline and Imagineering thrill. One more famous ride in this realm is the Space Mountain where only people with height of 40 inches can go. Its main features are coaster turns and drops (not that big); sensational high speed, dark interior veiling the track, and no idea of what is next. Yes, it is a classic coaster that explodes the cosmos with many high-end effects.


The last major highlight is in the Fantasyland called It’s a Small World – a typical family place where many have tried to get out of the sticky theme song.