Disney Alaska Cruise

An expedition on an Alaska cruise ship is very different compared to normal cruise vacations. An Alaska expedition is mainly focused on exploration than entertainment. It is more of a serious expedition, and you can enjoy the great off-the-beaten-path feel much more, and there is a good number of ports stopped at that would not be normally part of the cruise line.

The cruise ships are small in size and this increases their ability to access scenic wonders that are inaccessible by bigger ships. This means greater scenic wonders.

An Alaska cruise ship is one of the best trips for cruise passengers, with a huge number of excellent sights and things to do. There are a huge number of excellent activities and day trips available.

The fact that sets these cruise ships apart from a cruise in the Caribbean, for instance, is that there is more emphasis on the destination and education rather than shipboard entertainment. The expedition team that leads the cruise includes naturalists, scientists and other experts that have give lectures on various topics related to the natural environment. The atmosphere feels more like an authentic expedition.

Cruise West has 7 ships sailing in the Alaskan region for a good part of the season. This is among the most reputed cruise operators in this region. There is also the Lindblad Expeditions Sea Lion that offers the Inside Passage region. There are several Alaska cruise ship expeditions that have excellent cruises on offer.