Disneyland Rides – Attractions

Disneyland Rides – Attractions

Situated in Anaheim at California, Disneyland refers to a theme park since 1955 built under the regulation of Walt Disney. After the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World, the Disneyland ranks second among the most visited parks on the planet – all thanks to the Disneyland rides attractions. These Disneyland rides attractions are split as per the realms built in such a way that if you enter in one of them, you cannot hear or view any other realm. They all are linked via theatrical stages holding passages to travel from one realm to another.

If, this time, you are planning to visit the Disneyland, you would definitely like to know about the major Disneyland rides attractions. So, here, Beachtraveller will introduce the major and popular rides on this amazing land! Continue reading “Disneyland Rides – Attractions” »

Alaska Cruises – Availing of Discounts

Alaska Cruises – Availing of Discounts

Alaska Cruises are in most cases more expensive that cruises to locations such as the Caribbean. The demand is however increasing day by day. The increasing popularity is also pushing pricing higher. There are ways of availing attractive discounts that will help you get your cruise experience and enjoy the beauty of this region at a lot lower price. Continue reading “Alaska Cruises – Availing of Discounts” »

Disney Alaska Cruise

An expedition on an Alaska cruise ship is very different compared to normal cruise vacations. An Alaska expedition is mainly focused on exploration than entertainment. It is more of a serious expedition, and you can enjoy the great off-the-beaten-path feel much more, and there is a good number of ports stopped at that would not be normally part of the cruise line. Continue reading “Disney Alaska Cruise” »

Last minute cruises from Florida

Last minute cruises promise an incredibly exciting sojourn to the most demanded destination at a bargain price. But, these kinds of deals are certainly not meant for all as some extend of flexibility is needed. For example, one must be able to get a leave from office for last minute holiday planning. But doing so should not be that difficult if one is really crazy about the net deep discounts that truly encourage one for the enticing trip. Continue reading “Last minute cruises from Florida” »

Disney cruise specials

For children, a Disney cruise is the most fascinating one. However, this fascination is directly proportional to your spend and so it tends to be very expensive. However, do not allow this factor to break your child’s dream. This is because there are ways to save your money such as via the Disney cruise specials. Every now and then, this cruise line manages to attract maximum guests via its special discounts as well as offers. For example, this year it has kicked off its first itinerary to Alaska with a free special package for the children below 17. Yes, this means that your kids and teens can enjoy the aquatic tour for free while enjoying on the Alaska Cruises provided that they stay in the same cabin as of the two paying adults. Continue reading “Disney cruise specials” »

The top 5 facts Disneyland

Most everybody knows Disney and Disneyland. It seems even the people that know the least about any media know Disney. After all, who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and the rest? Then, there’s the princesses and all the other movie characters that people love, too. On July 17, 1955, the Disneyland theme park opened in Anaheim, California. While much is known about Disney and Disneyland, there are always little-known facts. Here are the top 5 facts about Disneyland. Continue reading “The top 5 facts Disneyland” »

7 tips for Disney Land first timers

Your first time staying at Walt Disney World is a very exciting and new experience. The Walt Disney World Resort property is like no other resort on earth. Their customer service is top-notch and the 40+ square miles are opened for you to explore. Your experience begins and ends at your hotel of choice. Here are some tips for your first time at a Walt Disney World hotel to make the best out of your stay. Continue reading “7 tips for Disney Land first timers” »

Vacations in Florida: Historical journey

Most of the backpackers are always inclined towards the teeming beaches as well as bank-balance-shrinking theme parks while planning for some great vacations in Florida. However, there is a hidden opportunity of drawing a different tourist route on your Florida canvas, which will be a total off beaten outline that will encompass the 5000 years of the Florida history. Continue reading “Vacations in Florida: Historical journey” »

Hawaii vacations with children

Surprised? Well, it is possible to visit Hawaii with your kids because of the variety of fun activities that indulge not only adults, but also children. It is not a rumor that Hawaii vacations are not only meant for couples or adventurers, but are also for perfect family fun; obviously with good reasons. A multitude of attractions as well as things to do amidst the tropical climate and politely cultural inhabitants surely amuse one and all right from toddlers to youngsters. Continue reading “Hawaii vacations with children” »