Bucuti Beach Resort

Bucuti Beach Resort

In 1970s, an Austrian lover of hospitality has fallen in love with Aruba and has decide to stay in the island to launch a night club and a restaurant. Ewald Beimans is considered the pioneer of Aruban accommodation and hospitality promoting sustainable tourism through the Bucuti Beach Resort. This opened in 1987 and from then on it takes pride of acquiring 90 percent and above in terms of occupancy because of Ewald’s hands-on approach. Later in 1999, he was dubbed the Aruba General manager of the year and was later awarded as the Caribbean Hotel Association Hotelier of the Year. Continue reading “Bucuti Beach Resort” »

Divi Aruba

Divi Aruba

Just a few walks to .J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 45, Oranjestad, you will find yourself in full satisfaction of the services and features set by the Divi Aruba All Inclusive Vacation package. From restaurants to bars and lounges, accommodations, suites, sports and other activities, nightly entertainment, guest services and other packages including honeymoon and weddings, the resort has made different taste of a Caribbean home only for you. Continue reading “Divi Aruba” »

Aruba Beach Club

Located five miles away from the airport, within the Punta Bravo Beach is the only paradise in Aruba where you can find yourself amused with the beach while enjoying high standard accommodations. The Aruba Beach Club was intentionally built this far from the airport so that guests headed to it will have a chance to scour the island and be cast away from the hustles and bustles of the main town for fun and enjoyment. Continue reading “Aruba Beach Club” »

Divi Tamarijin

Divi Tamarijin is where your Aruban vacation begins. This hot spot on the beach gives out an all inclusive package for everyone who wants to experience Caribbean adventures. From ten dining options to non-motorized water sports, golf spa, seven bars and lounges, and full use of the very popular Divi Aruba, visitors will not definitely have any doubts reserving for a slot in Tamarijin. Continue reading “Divi Tamarijin” »

Aruba Ocean Club

To have a vacation is to be away from home for a moment. This will not be easy because you would expect that your destination should be as comfortable and as cozy as where you used to slumber and rest back home. This case is especially intricate too because you need to search for an accommodation that would provide the tranquility, fun, excitement and comfort all in one place. Having a vacation in Aruba is one of your greatest plans and if accommodation worries you, then it is time to put a smile on your face because Aruba Ocean Club was especially designed to suit your need for a second home. Continue reading “Aruba Ocean Club” »

La Cabana Beach Club

One of the most celebrated spots when it comes to accommodations in Aruba is none other than the La Cabana Beach and Racquet Club. Food is not a problem in this resot especially when you talk about the Pata Pata Bar. The restaurant’s main courses include chicken breast with mushroom sauce; mahi mahi with creamy basil sauce; baked potatos with sour cream; vegetable fried rice and assorted seasonal vegetables. Continue reading “La Cabana Beach Club” »

La Quinta Beach Resort

Getting into Aruba is everybody’s desire. Why not? Given the pristine waters, the white sandy beaches and the chance to explore the wilds of the Caribbean are reasons enough for someone to save much and become art of the much-coveted Aruban experience. There are a lot of things which a person can do in the island. First and foremost, enjoying the azure sea is definitely the priority.

Continue reading “La Quinta Beach Resort” »

Mill Resort Aruba

Ten minutes of driving from the island’s main spot lays the best secret which the Palm Beach area could ever keep. The Mill Resort Aruba gives you the chance to enjoy the Caribbean’s sandy beaches while giving you the opportunity to relax and enjoy at a low rise hotel in the island.

This is the only resort where you don’t need to come down and go up huge tall buildings because all amenities are created with two floors only that people and guests would feel the closeness with each other. Continue reading “Mill Resort Aruba” »

Aruba Hotel Deals

Perhaps one of the things you should be sure about when traveling anywhere is to know the place that you are going to stay in. The sights in Aruba are great and the activities you can do with your friends, family and whoever you are traveling with is definitely amazing. But at the end of the day, you will surely miss home and you would want to know where in the island could you lie down and rest after a whole day of extravagant experience. Continue reading “Aruba Hotel Deals” »

Al Fahidi Dubai

Aruba Hotels

Aruba is a beautiful island located in the heart of the southern Caribbean and a wonderful getaway from the usual monotonous routine. You can rest on the white sandy beaches, enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, try some adventure sports, take part in the numerous cultural functions the list is endless or you can just relax and for once in life enjoy the feeling of doing nothing at all. Continue reading “Aruba Hotels” »