Aruba Beaches

If you are thinking of tanning, swimming, sun bathing, sunset cruises, windsurfing, scuba diving sailing and deep sea fishing, great beaches await you in the island of Aruba. The best water spots in the world are found lying in serenity along Aruba’s coastlines. In the southwest coast, tourists can lavish in the Carribean waters and can enjoy activities which no other water spot could provide in this world.

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Visit the Westin Resort Aruba for a Tropical Vacation

The Westin Resort Aruba was ranked one of Aruba’s top ten hotels by US News and World Report in their poll for 2013 Best Hotels in the Caribbean. That’s saying a lot because there are a lot of resorts down there in Aruba.

They offer a many specials that make it a wise choice for people on a tight budget and looking for a Caribbean vacation. There is also an all-inclusive option with lots of restaurants included in the package. Continue reading “Visit the Westin Resort Aruba for a Tropical Vacation” »

Tropicana Aruba Resort

Explore Aruba in style by visiting the Tropicana Aruba Resort. This luxurious yet affordable resort is just a short walk from the gorgeous Eagle Beach, and enjoys a location that is both central and tranquil.

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Renaissance Aruba Resort

The Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino offers everything needed for one great vacation! It’s the perfect getaway from the grind and stress of everyday living. It is part of the Marriott family and their resort in Aruba is located on Renaissance Island. It boasts of having the only private beaches in all of Aruba. There are two hotels sitting on this beach, each with its own distinctive style. We loved our stay there and would go back in a heartbeat. Continue reading “Renaissance Aruba Resort” »

Divi Aruba Resort for the Perfect Vacation

Aruba is a beautiful island at the southern tip of the Caribbean and only fifteen miles away from Venezuela in South America.

The island has beautiful beaches that you associate with the Caribbean and they do not disappoint. Of course there is lots to do in the sea, from scuba diving to water skiing and much in-between. For your enjoyment there are many gourmet restaurants and great shops for you to browse in and there are a total of eleven casinos for you to while away the day or night. The average temperature is 82 degrees every day ant eh trade winds make sure it’s very comfortable. Continue reading “Divi Aruba Resort for the Perfect Vacation” »

Al Fahidi Dubai

Aruba Malmok Beach

What entices us most while lying on the beaches? The answer would be numerous as nature has its own way to converse with people, and it depends on what you’re looking for and what you get. With almost a third covered with water, Earth is not short of beaches, some which are still exotic and world class maintained by the best in the business in recent times. Again, frequenting to these destinations quite often, you would indeed get bored and want to head to a new place, and that’s when you start looking at other options available. History surrounding the beach is always interesting along with other amenities normally provided in the best beach resorts. We’ll talk about Aruba’s Malmok Beach now. Continue reading “Aruba Malmok Beach” »

Holiday Inn SunSpree All Inclusive Resort

The SunSpree status is only given by Holiday Inn to those hotels part of its chain that are reputed to. Holiday Inn SunSpree is located in Aruba and is certainly top class in every sense of the word. The hotel is one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean, and is famous all over because of its remarkable provision for luxury. Continue reading “Holiday Inn SunSpree All Inclusive Resort” »

Aruba Beaches

Aruba is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. It is an island nation located to the north of Venezuela and together with Bonaire and Curacao, forms the group of islands known as the ABC islands. The island is blessed with a pristine beauty that makes it one of the best options in the Caribbean. There are a huge number of excellent options available here for beach connoisseurs.

The west side of the island of Aruba is where the popular beaches are located. The water here is protected from the winds and is as a result quite tranquil. The beaches are mostly quiet and peaceful. Let us look at the best beaches in Aruba Island . . .

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