Caneel Bay Resort

Caneel Bay is one of the Caribbean’s biggest stars. It is situated in the midst of some of the most beautiful scenery in the Caribbean, plus you can have some impeccable service, top notch dining as well as entertainment. There are a huge number of reasons why the resort is so famous with travelers from around the world.

Caneel Bay is an exclusive beach resort, it is located in a secluded location at the five thousand acre Virgin Islands National Park, which is located in the St John Island in the Virgin islands. There are some excellent facilities and services on offer here.

Caneel Bay is the perfect place to go to if you are a beach lover. The bay boasts of a total of seven heavenly beaches, all of them secluded and peaceful. These are the Hawk’s Nest Beach, Turtle Bay Beach, Scott Beach, Paradise Beach, Little Caneel Beach, Caneel Beach and Honeymoon Beach. The resort sits comfortably in a tiny peninsula of its own, and is surrounded by both the Caribbean Sea, as well as the Atlantic Ocean, a simply spectacular experience.

Caneel Bay resort

There is a whole number of things to do in caneel Bay, you can enjoy some water sports, travel, go on nature walks, take lessons and a whole lot of other activities that make for a fun experience. The water sports available here are inclusive of swimming scuba diving, wind surfing, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, sea trips and a whole lot of others.

There are also nature walks to be taken in the wilderness. There are a number of activities on offer in the vicinity such as taking painting or dance lessons, ordering a private massage, among others. You can also go for picnics. There is a fitness center close to the Caneel Bay resort, there are private massages. There are also eleven courts for tennis located outdoors.

Caneel Bay beach resort US Virgin Islands

The Caneel Bay resort has a good selection of facilities and services. There are a good number of excellent guestrooms as well as cottages, and you can have an excellent time. There are patios or balconies on offer so you can take in the sun in privacy, and enjoy the views as well. There is a host of the best in terms of activities on offer at the Caneel Bay resort.

There are some excellent restaurants located at Caneel bay, and you can select from the huge number of excellent settings as well as the extensive list of cuisines from all over the world.