Best tourist attractions in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a very large, beautiful Island in the Caribbean with a lot to see and do. Even people from other Caribbean islands travel to Puerto Rico for vacation. There are science centers, numerous forts and museums, rain forests to explore, and even caves and other natural wonders. Ironically enough, the problem on Puerto Rico isn’t finding things to do, it is choosing what to do first or in the limited time most visitors have. It is a tough choice, but there are some attractions that are truly fantastic!

First, there is El Moro and Old San Juan. The old city is a historical architect’s dream, with arches, soaring cathedrals and historic buildings everywhere. The Wall that surrounded the original San Juan is massive and has little turrets and lookouts scattered all along the top. The wall is linking the forts of El Moro and the Fort of San Cristobal, and both forts are impressive and now museums. You can see why Puerto Rico wasn’t taken by invaders until almost the 20th century, when they developed faster ships and new weapons.

To the far west of San Juan is Aricebo, a must visit for any scientist or nature lover. Why Aricebo? Two reasons: The Telescope and Camuy Caverns!

The radio telescope at Aricebo was the first of its kind and an amazing feat of engineering, both of which make it special. It revolutionized our understanding of the universe and has some excellent displays. It was also home to SETI, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, which is still ongoing.

While SETI searches the heavens, the Camuy Caverns bring you down to earth and then under it! They are just a few minutes drive away and these Karst formations have made some spectacular caves. There are chambers with beatiful water falls, rooms filled with bats and beauty everywhere. It is amazing to be walking through dark tunnels, feeling you are miles below ground and then come into a chamber that has collapsed and see all the greenery growing in such a profusion.

Other natural sites that could be considered top tourist attractions include Phosphorescent Bay, paddle across it in the dead of night with no moon, and the trails through El Junque. El Junque is a really nice rain forest with lots of trails and streams, but it needs a bit of cleaning to be first rate!

What is the best tourist attraction to see in all of Puerto Rico? It is impossible to choose, but these are definitely some of the best!