Best Pubs and Bars in Brussels

Brussels is known for many things: its stylish medieval architecture, a rich history that is beautifully presented its excellent museums and an outstanding cuisine are just a few attractions that keep it popular. But, far from offering only cultural interests, it is also a place with an incredible pub and bar scene that is guaranteed to keep you entertained during your trip.

Belgian beer is appreciated throughout the world, so you will never run out of options as to what you should try. There are numerous breweries of various sizes waiting to show you their best varieties, with Brussels being the best destination for it. Before looking at some of the top choices in the city, let’s first answer a question that we see from many people that are planning a visit.

What is the best way of reaching my place of accommodation, starting from the airport?

Brussels’ public transportation may be an excellent choice for your stay, but it is not a very practical choice for your first trip to the city. After your flight, you are very likely to be tired; not only that but you will also have to carry your luggage around as you try to find the best routes in a city that you are not familiar with. The trip itself will be less comfortable and fast than it could be, only serving to bring you unnecessary stress.

The best way to save time and effort in that regard is by using Brussels airport taxi services. These will allow you to travel comfortably and forget about all the worries regarding both routes and luggage. You will be able to reach your hotel feeling more rested, as this chore will be taken care of by professionals. Once you are ready to explore the city, here are a few excellent pubs and bars to visit.

                                                Top 3 Pubs and Bars in Brussels

  1. Le Pantin

First and foremost, a good bar should have an excellent selection of drinks and Le Panting certainly does so. A wide variety of bottled and on-tap Belgian beer comes to satisfy even the pickiest tastes, while several excellent foods serve to bring a complete culinary experience. Burgers and sandwiches are the main tasty attraction here and come in generous  portions – make sure to try the Ultimate Breakfast Burger. As for entertainment options, the bar comes with board games and TV, making for a great destination to explore with friends.

  1. Café Belga

As one of the most known bars in Brussels, it certainly has the products and services to justify its popularity. A wide variety of beers is available in bottle or on tap. Some notable mentions are Hoegaarden, Maredsous 6, Chouffe Blonde, Barbar and Orval, but the list of excellent options can go on for a while. The place also offers various traditional Belgian dishes and a terrace for the sunny days.

Café Belga

  1. Beer Circus

As the name could tell you, there is an excellent selection of high-quality beers to choose from at Beer Circus. Rarities and popular choices coexist in the menu, while some excellent dishes in the front restaurant come to satisfy the appetite that the excellent drinks may stimulate.

A classy interior serves to complete the experience, creating a place worth giving attention to even in a city that is packed with excellent bars.

Beer Circus