Best Budget Hotels in Rome

Rome is the city of the Italian romance. It’s a place that is always alive with music, wine, champagne, and a general feeling of joyfulness. There’s always something to do or visit in Rome, and you’ll never run out of fun activities, regardless of how much you plan to stay. Even so, no matter how much you may plan to visit, you will still need a place to crash in at the end of the day – a place that will not eat up all your vacation money. Here are a few tips from insiders about a couple cheap hotels in Rome, all of them in locations close to the main attractions.

  1. Relais Giulia

If you are a fan of Renaissance-style places, then you will definitely love the Relais Giulia. This boutique hotel previously belonged to the Farnese family, and it has 13 fully-equipped rooms for tourists who have no wish for luxury hotels with whistles and bells. The décor is minimalist but elegant, and the staff always goes out of its way to show you your best welcome. Double rooms here start from £85 per night.

  1. Campo de Fiori

This is a hotel that combines the elegance, playfulness and romance of Rome in a single room. You will also find elements of Paris and Venice, as well as hints of the Eternal City, making you feel as if you had just been thrown into an antique dream full of elegance, velvet, chandeliers marble. While it may have no restaurant or bar, you still have a generously spread breakfast and a lovely-looking roof terrace. The price for a double room starts at £106.

  1. Hotel San Anselmo

San Anselmo is an intimate hotel that will take you back a century, into a Roman-like environment with unique touches of individuality. The place is adorned with frescos, frills, turn-of-the-century decorations and themed like in a story of epic love and Arabian nights. Double rooms start from £68.

  1. Hotel Lancelot

Hotel Lancelot is run by a local family, and it’s designed in an old-fashioned, but charming way that will touch you right in the soul. Even though it’s right behind the Colosseum, the place is quiet and you can’t even hear the bustle of the city center. If you want to mingle with other guests, you can join the “Round Table,” which even has some free house wine thrown into the mix.

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