Awesome Ideas for Your Hen and Stag Weekends in Budapest

bela bar budapest

Probably just a few days are left for your freedom, and you are wondering how best to spend it with your wolfpack. If you’re thinking of great ways to celebrate in Budapest, then here is a list of awesome activities to do during your Hen or Stag weekend in Budapest.

Budapest is one of the preferred locations for hen and stag weekends recently. This could be because of the considerable price of items/services and the atmosphere of the place. Another reason is the easy access; flights are cheap from most airports in the UK.

The city is beautiful and has a deep-rooted reverence for culture. So you do not have to worry about sights as the city boasts of a good number of them. As far as your weekend is concerned, you have great options to choose from such as bars, clubs, restaurants, pubs, etc. Here are some things you can do.

Pub crawling & Bar/Club Hopping

This is a staple activity during both Hen and Stag weekends. Budapest has a reputation for having an exciting nightlife and offers a wide range of trendy places to choose from. There are so many steamy bars and clubs scattered around the city, all aimed at giving you the thrill you are looking for. So whenever you get down to Budapest, consider visiting such bars as entry is relatively cheap. If you are looking for options to choose from, check out Ruin pubs are the favorites in Budapest; they are retro-styled pubs or bars with courtyards. The best place to search for such pubs is the old Jewish Quarter, District VII.



During the day, you do not have to be cooked up in your hotel rooms or rented apartments. You can make the most of your trip by sightseeing. This is even more exciting as Budapest has beautiful attractions that showcase the history and heritage of the city. The fascinating thing about this is that you do not necessarily need a tour guide. The best place to start from is Andrássy Avenue, with its tree-lined street and the Opera House. You can also go on a boat tour on the Danube to have a panoramic view of Budapest.

Wine tasting

This is another exciting midday activity that is best done before hitting the clubs. Hungarians have a certain level of pride in their wines and offer tasting opportunities in wine restaurants or cellar settings available in some places like the Hilton Hotel. Pálinka is also a Budapest favorite. It is a locally made spirit made with different fruits; you can also have a taste of this in wine restaurants.

Thermal baths

Instead of having a routine spa experience, you can opt for the thermal bath treatment available in Budapest spas. You and your crew can enjoy steamy water, steam rooms, beautiful architecture, a variety of massages and saunas. This is perfect for soothing the hangover from the night’s activity.

Szechenyi Thermal Baths

Outdoor Adventures

You and your team can decide to wrap the weekend up with some adventurous sports activities. Budapest offers several fun games like paintball (this is set in an ex-military base), beer biking (have jugs of beer while biking and touring the city), horse riding, Bobsleighing, shooting and caving (exploring old caves).