Aruba Malmok Beach

What entices us most while lying on the beaches? The answer would be numerous as nature has its own way to converse with people, and it depends on what you’re looking for and what you get. With almost a third covered with water, Earth is not short of beaches, some which are still exotic and world class maintained by the best in the business in recent times. Again, frequenting to these destinations quite often, you would indeed get bored and want to head to a new place, and that’s when you start looking at other options available. History surrounding the beach is always interesting along with other amenities normally provided in the best beach resorts. We’ll talk about Aruba’s Malmok Beach now.

Malmok Beach – Aruba

The Malmok Beach’s history dates back to World War II, and the site’s considered as one among the biggest shipwrecks along the Caribbean beaches. During WWII, there was a German freighter called Antilla that carried provisions to submarines that were patrolling waters of the Venezuelan Coast. The Antilla was permitted to dock at Aruba. Aruba at that time was the neutral zone, but not until Germany occupied Holland in the year 1940 that made Aruba join the Allies. Due to this, Antilla was ordained to surrender. The captain of Antilla agreed to surrender the next day, but when police arrived at the scene, the ship was gone.

It turned out that the Captain of Antilla had sunk the ship himself, some place off Malmok Beach due to fear that the vessel would be captured by Allies. At the present time, the Antilla (a 400 footer WWII marvel) lies deep in the Caribbean and regarded one among the biggest wrecks to have ever happened. It is now home to plenty of marine lives to include large ruby sponges, lobsters, coral formations and many tropical fish.

Due to the significant WWII shipwreck, the Malmok Beach attracts snorkelers, history buffs and divers. Divers and snorkelers usually dive deep to explore the shipwreck in clear waters. The shipwreck sleeps over 60 feet of seawater, and is a haven for divers as they have plenty of diving time, yet Antilla was a large vessel and exploring her fully would need several deep dives. If diving doesn’t interest you much, you could go down to the Boca Catalina, which is a reclusive bay appropriate for swimming.