Aruba Hotel Deals

Perhaps one of the things you should be sure about when traveling anywhere is to know the place that you are going to stay in. The sights in Aruba are great and the activities you can do with your friends, family and whoever you are traveling with is definitely amazing. But at the end of the day, you will surely miss home and you would want to know where in the island could you lie down and rest after a whole day of extravagant experience.

Aruba hotels are many and it only takes every visitor to decide for what kind of accommodation they want in order to land in the right place. Hotels in Aruba abound north of Oranjestad in the two distinct boulevards L.G. Smith and J. E. Erausquin. Hotels are categorized into two: low-rise and high-rise. Those hotels considered as the low-rise are found near the capital while those which are tagged high-rise are located a little farther north. Generally hotel rates in Aruba do not include breakfast and other meals. However, there some hotels which offer packages complete with shopping, casinos and entertainment.

If you want a Dutch-Caribbean atmosphere that will go along your accommodation, you can opt for the Amsterdam Manor Beach resort. This is a friendly family-run hotel which is genuinely offering the best service with little value of money. The hotel is built around a central courtyard highlighted with a waterfall pool and a wading pool. The Manor Beach Resort is known for its mustard-yellow façade and lay just right across the eagle beach. It offers elegant studios, tile-floor rooms, whirlpool tubs and two-bedroom suites. This hotel may lack the stores or boutiques to help you out with the shopping but it gives you more than that because it was especially designed to provide a real feel of the ambiance of a European Village.

Brickell Bay Beach Club3

There are also other high rise hotels in Aruba including the renaissance Aruba Resort and casino. This hotel offers the cooler side of the island which offers private beaches. Situated in a 40-acre island paradise, visitors to the hotels experience nothing more than a revitalizing retreat way from the hustle and the bustle of the busy city streets. Its view of the pristine sand beaches and the shimmering Caribbean seas are two sights definitely relaxing and soothing to the weary and tired traveler.

Moreover, the hotel is especially designed to accommodate different kinds of visitors. Couples and adults can send time in the Renaissance Marina Hotel that provides sumptuous meals like the L.G. Smith Steak and Shop House.

On the other hand, families can escape towards the renaissance Ocean Suites which are crafted with different suite-style rooms that could accommodate the entire family.

Accommodation is an important factor be it a domestic or international travel.

Going to Aruba means rather experiencing a feel of what is called high-end accommodation along with fascinating travel experience. Be it a low-rise or high-rise hotel, it all depends on what you need and what kind of second home you want to have while staying in the island.