Angel Falls Venezuela

Angel Falls Venezuela is the highest waterfall in the world. It is also called the “Salto Angel”meaning “waterfall of the deepest place”. The falls is situated in Venezuela . It drops at the edge of the Auyantepui mountain placed in the Canaima National Park. The whole area is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The height of the water is so much that by the time it reaches the ground much of the water evaporates into thin air. This is the Devils Canyon for the tourists. The natives of this place call it the Kerepakupai-mer.It came to be called Angel Falls after an American pilot and Gold hunter adventurer, Jimmy Angel , who discovered it in 1937. Where the falls end a small creek is formed . This drains into the North ward Churun River.

Angel Falls Venezuela

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela announced to change its name to Kerepakupai Merú in 2009. He wanted to keep a more indigenous name for the falls. However at the last moment due to some forethought he decided not to. References of the Angel Falls Venezuela can also be seen in Sir Waler Raleigh’s records. He describes it as a table top or tepuy. The first European to have seen the falls was Fernando de Berrio. But it was left to Jimmy Angel to publicize his find. His dilapidated plane stayed in the table top for 33 years. Latvian explorer Alexander Laime made his way across the river in 1955. He made a trek to the top of the fall and succeeded.

The Angel Falls Venezuela tour are difficult in the sense that the whole area is located in an isolated jungle. The journey commences from the Canaima camp which is the base of the falls. The Canaima National Park with its numerous rivers and lakes, table top mountains, forest and savannah belts is a treat to the soul. The native Pemon and their small villages also makes this tour an enthralling one. The parts have two parts- East and west. The western part can be reached by flights from Caracas, Margarita, Ordaz, Ciudad, and Santa Elena. In the East the park can be reached by Gran Sabana

The Angel Falls plunges deep from atop a mesa called the Auyantepui. The Guiana Highlands has atleast a hundred of them. These mesas are massive, soaring high up and ending into a flat top. The sides are totally vertical and steep.Geologically theyw ere formed billions of years ago. These table tops are introduced by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in The Lost World. The name of the National Park is given by the Pemon people who lives here. It means the “spirit of evil”. Tourism is mainly concentrated around the Laguna de Canaima. There are some camps and lodges around here which are rented out to travelers.

Accommodation in Angel Falls and around:

Waku Lodge. This lodge has a good scenery of the Canaima Lagoon and the waterfalls.

Campamento Ucaima is on the Carrao River , just before the fall.

Lodgings are available also at Kavac which is an Indian Village at the base of the tepui.