7 tips for Disney Land first timers

Your first time staying at Walt Disney World is a very exciting and new experience. The Walt Disney World Resort property is like no other resort on earth. Their customer service is top-notch and the 40+ square miles are opened for you to explore. Your experience begins and ends at your hotel of choice. Here are some tips for your first time at a Walt Disney World hotel to make the best out of your stay.

Manage your time well.

This could mean that you don’t have to manage your time at all. Or, you could plan every day down to the minute. There is so much to do and go see at Walt Disney World. Choosing the “must do” for your trip before you go is a great way to ensure that you will be able to go to those places. Check the Walt Disney World website and attraction guides to find your “must do” attractions. Then, plan which days of your trip you will see each one.

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Make good restaurant choices
When it comes to eating, make smart choices based on budget and time. Make sure your restaurant of choice coincides with where you are at on the property. For instance, you won’t want to eat at Liberty Square if you are spending the day at Epcot Center. No matter which restaurant you choose, make sure you make reservations. Then, you are guaranteed a table no matter how crowded it is.

Pick a theme park on the right day
Each theme park at Walt Disney World has good days and bad days for crowds. Plenty of travel guides will tell you estimated crowds for the days you are going. If you are going over a holiday or peak time, most parks will be crowded but each park will have a peak day of the week. Try to avoid the parks on their highest crowd days and choose another park to see that day.

Make time for buses
The Walt Disney World Resort has a fantastic bus system that transports you from your hotel to theme parks and other areas on the property. However, there is no set schedule for your bus. You want to give yourself plenty of time to wait for your bus to pick you up and get transport to the theme park or area you are going to. Allow yourself at least one hour of travel time by bus whenever you are using the Walt Disney World bus transport system.

Take a day “off”
A vacation at Walt Disney World can get crazy. You can run from one place to another without stopping. It’s enough to tire anyone out. Make sure you choose a day during your trip to do nothing but enjoy what your resort has to offer and relax. Or, choose one of Disney’s many recreation options like fishing or boat rentals.

Be nice to the staff
This should be a no brainer but many people don’t realize what kind of stress someone working in a tourist heavy industry is all about. The staff you encounter every day are very busy people who are doing their best to make everyone around them happy. Be nice to them and be patient with them during long lines or mix-ups. Walt Disney World staff have the power to help you and offer you extra help when there is a problem. Being kind to them is one of the best ways to ensure this happens.

Tip your housekeeping service
Many people don’t know it is kind and customary to tip your housekeeping service. A tip of $5 a day is the least you should do. Just leave them a note with the tip in plain view. Make sure to include in your note that is a tip for them! Many times, well-tipped house keepers will leave you extra towels and items you need. Sometimes, they even make little shapes and characters out of the towels.